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An Overview of the Online Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program

Our AACSB-accredited Innovation and Entrepreneurship program is ideal for ambitious, dynamic professionals who want to make a mark and establish a legacy. Designed to inspire commercial creativity, this program helps students to build and develop innovative ventures that impact markets, economies and communities.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship program delivers the knowledge and skills you need to:

  • assess and implement new ideas
  • create ambitious new ventures
  • develop entrepreneurial management practices
  • manage supportive environments that foster innovation
  • prepare for the economic, political and social challenges you may encounter

Depending on the level of certification you hope to achieve, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship program has designed three graduate-level degree options to choose from:

Graduate Certificate

The AQF level 8 Graduate Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is designed to develop your creative skills in the industry, giving students the entrepreneurial mindset they need to take on new ideas and business ventures. Full-time students can complete the four courses in as few as six months. A Bachelor degree is not required to obtain this certificate, and completion of the certificate allows you to advance to the Graduate Diploma and then Master options.*

NOTE: Applicants with no undergraduate degree will be considered on a case-by-case basis for admission to the Graduate Certificate program ONLY. To qualify, applicants should have seven years of work experience, which is supported by a portfolio of evidence that the applicant has sufficient knowledge and skills to successfully complete the Certificate without a prior Bachelor qualification.

Graduate Diploma

Our AQF level 8 Graduate Diploma in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is composed of eight courses and takes a full-time student one year to complete. A Graduate Diploma is designed for those who want to learn tactics to assess and implement new ideas, create or manage ambitious ventures, and develop enterprising management practices. This program will help you gain the edge you need by fostering ingenuity in business and preparing you for a leadership role within an organisation. A Bachelor degree, a Graduate Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, or an equivalent level of education is required for admission.

Master of Applied Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The AQF level 9 Master of Applied Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MAIE) takes a full-time student two years to complete the 36 units. Students obtaining this degree will gain the advanced knowledge and practical skills needed to identify and develop sustainable opportunities that will succeed in businesses across various industries. Additionally, students will learn to inspire collaboration, teamwork and creative innovation within a workplace. To apply, a Bachelor degree, honours degree, Graduate Diploma in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, or a related graduate-level certificate is required.

Master of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Complete the AQF level 9 Master of Innovation and Entrepreneurship with a total of 48 units in as few as two years. This degree goes through all of the core courses necessary to gain a full perspective on innovative business models, plus an additional 18 units of electives and a 6 unit project. You’ll gain the skills needed to inspire organisation, teamwork and a creative atmosphere within a workplace. To apply, a Bachelor degree, honours degree or graduate-level certificate is required.

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Likely Careers

Graduates of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship program are prepared with the knowledge, skill set and confidence that comes from our integrated and interactive curriculum. Many former students have successfully launched new ventures from their own original concepts. Some innovators have grown new revenue streams for their employers, while others now provide consultancy, advisory, financial or other support services to new enterprises. Career titles that may be attained after completing the Innovation and Entrepreneurship program include business manager, entrepreneur, CEO, opportunity assessor and innovation manager.

Impressions from Graduates

Susie Chant
Founder, Solefoods

"Completing the Master of Innovation and Entrepreneurship has been very beneficial in enabling me to produce a professional and comprehensive business plan for my business. In addition, it has given me great insight into the merits of consumer research - an area I am now working in as a consultant to the University of Adelaide in investigating the link between food purchasing and ethics."

Susie has a diverse employment history within the catering/hospitality industry including chef and consultancies. She currently consults in the areas of food, research, hospitality training and catering.

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